MCCEE : Mathematical Challenge for Clean Energy and Environment

We discuss here a project, to be realized in the next months, of a collaborative platform for researchers in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology to discuss mathematical problems useful for ecology. The goal is to make people exchange ideas, interact and begin new collaborations. We do not expect that questions will be fully answered, contrary to mathoverflow, which is otherwise a model for us.

By ecology we mean here everything that could help avoid the threatening ecological disaster, in particular

the study of climate
the study of biodiversity and ecosystems
carbon free energies (in particular solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy)
the storage of energy (in particular batteries and fuel cells)

Who is concerned ?


The platform is intended to encourage collaboration between disciplines around mathematical problems related to ecology and renewable energies. Researchers, professors and assistant professors are welcome.

Some basic information will be requested during the registration.


Collaborative platform of question / answer type

Once registered, the user will be able to ask new questions. Each question must be tagged by keywords and ranked in one of the proposed categories physics, chemistry, ecology or biology.

This category classifies the question asked in a field of application.

Users will be able to 'vote' for questions that seem relevant and useful for research.


The list of issues being debated is public but only registered users are allowed to post answers to questions and thus contribute to the debate.

Registered users will be able to 'like' responses to give weight to some contributions. They will also be able to post comments on each answer.


Each user manages his data from his personal page.

A system of points quantifies a user's reputation. These points are awarded to the user each time someone likes his answer or votes for his question or if someone validates his question...


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, to signal your interest or simply to support us.